Councilor John Goodhouse Puts Neighbors First

First Term Wins for Tigard

As your City Councilor, John Goodhouse has kept his focus on increasing the livability of our city.

  In his first term, John:

  • Created Tigard’s first Rainy Day emergency fund;
  • Voted for the Hunziker Industrial Core Project to create jobs;
  • Started a task force to address homelessness;
  • Advocated  to increase Tigard’s police force;
  • Banned smoking/vaping from city parks and properties;
  • Focused on increasing sidewalk development for safer pedestrian routes.

Goals for the Future

If you vote to Re-Elect John Goodhouse, he will work to make Tigard a place we can live, work, shop, and play.

  Looking forward, John will:

  • Collaborate with city, regional, and state leaders to reduce traffic congestion;
  • Partner with business leaders to create more local, family-wage job opportunities with shorter commutes for Tigard residents;
  • Focus on affordable housing solutions;
  • Work with Tigard-Tualatin School District, increasing safe routes to schools.