I’ve served as City Councilor since 2014. As a community leader I’m already heavily invested in the future of our city, locally, regionally and nationally. As Mayor, I hope to take my vision for Tigard to the next level and build a safer, brighter future for all of our beautiful city’s residents and businesses. One that is transparent and includes all members of our community.

John in the community

It is about the Future?

As a small business owner, Tigard city councilor, and community leader engaged with many different charities, I’ve come to know what the residents of our community are looking for. My experiences living and sharing in the challenges of our community and my leadership to resolve problems as I find them, equip me well with the skills needed to lead Tigard forward. It truly is about the future of our community. Through my involvement at the City, I have had a seat at the table with committees that impact Tigard locally, statewide and nationally which is invaluable to Tigard and the region as whole.

with other business owners

The largest issues facing Tigard today are public safety and the homelessness epidemic.

As Mayor can work to address right away. For Tigard to continue to grow, for its businesses to thrive, we must strengthen the ranks of our police to improve community safety. We also need to invest in solutions to keep people off the streets and empower community organizations to support those efforts. Tigard residents as whole have asked for years to make Tigard a place they can work and also play, as Mayor I will work to bring more businesses to Tigard that match those of what Tigard’s residents desire.

John at Tigard Park

Getting the homeless off the streets and into shelters is priority one

We must also empower the community through non-profits and faith based organizations to help get folks back on their feet to rejoin the community as productive citizens. Leaving the homeless out on the streets only leads to more crime and nasty conditions for all our residents. I have been a board member of Family Promise of Tualatin Valley for years and have actively worked to help the homeless population of Tigard.

Again, as a small business owner myself, I regularly connect with other business leaders to communicate our shared challenges with COVID, the economic downturn, and onerous regulations. As Mayor I look forward to being a leader that focuses on business and job growth in Tigard to build an environment where everyone can seek economic prosperity. I have worked over the last two years with businesses that never felt heard and have found more ways to engage the business community including in person meetings and getting more local business owners on city committees and connected with resources to have an active voice with the city.

Elise Butera
"John is devoted to working together with Tigard Residents for a better community"
Elise Butera
Associated Student Body President
Activities Director in Leadership
Tigard City Student Envoy Member of Washington County civil leadership program
Marie Johnson

“I have known John Goodhouse for over 5 years. I first met him and his wife, Rebecca, at a Tigard High School auction. John is an avid supporter of our schools both students and faculty.  Additionally, he is well connected in our community and has his finger on the pulse of what is happening from downtown to our borders with King City, Beaverton, Tualatin, Durham and Lake Oswego. John's leadership has transformed his downtown business into a gathering space where locals and more come to enjoy a meal, listen to music and just hang out with friends. He believes in community connection and it is evident not only in his business, but in his co-presenting this past summer's 1st Tigard Music Fest. John is also committed to Tigard growing in a responsible way and is open to listening to the voices of his community. He and his family live here. They are dedicated and passionate about ensuring we have a great place to live, thrive and grow.”

Marie Johnson
“John Goodhouse gets things done. He’s worked a lot to improve Tigard and Downtown Tigard. I’ve seen it first-hand.”
Darbie Mayberry
Owner Tigard Cleaners
John getting jersey
“As a Tigard resident for over 15 years, I can say I am impressed with how community driven John Goodhouse is.  
He believes in building a strong foundation which starts with our youth. John has supported many programs throughout Tigard such as Tigard Football and Tigard Diamond Sports just to name a few. John sees the long term investment so the kids have a chance to thrive and become contributing members of society. 
John also co-created and put on the first annual Tigard Music Fest which brought the residents and local business owners around the downtown area to celebrate and also helped stimulate the economy. He’s a visionary and sees the benefit of supporting our youth and local businesses which in turn creates happier long term residents of Tigard! 
Lindsey Culver
Tigard Resident 
Tigard Music Festival
“I experienced first-hand the care and love John has for Tigard when he and I presented the city’s first music fest during July 2022. What began as casual conversation grew into a highly successful three-day event that took negotiating with downtown business owners, tenants vendors and the city. John’s can-do attitude, gift for listening to concerns and ability to communicate the bigger picture were evident throughout the planning and execution stages and were among the reasons Tigard’s First Annual Music Fest was well received by thousands who attended."
Florian Raqueño
Business Owner
Roland Herrera
“I have watched and learned from John. He is a proven leader and cares deeply about Tigard! John Goodhouse for Tigard Mayor!
Tigard has an opportunity to elect a proven community leader. John would be an inclusive Mayor that would listen to all voices”
Roland Herrera
Keizer City Councilor, League of Oregon Cities Board, People of Color Caucus
Mark Pearl, Owner Tigard Bowl
“John Goodhouse is exactly the type of person we need as Tigard’s Mayor.  Councilmen Goodhouse, on a daily basis, kept us in the loop while helping us,  getting us in contact with the right public officials at the right time. He was instrumental in securing grants and support during the pandemic. He made us feel valuable to the city of Tigard.  He will be a great Mayor."
Mark Pearl
Owner Tigard Bowl
Musi Hill
“John’s level of involvement in the community is outstanding. He doesn’t just show up to things though; he actually takes the time to have discussions, listen to concerns and offer viable solutions to problems. I’m happy to have him as a fellow business owner and neighbor in downtown Tigard.”
Musi Hill 
Owner Musi’s on Main
roy rogers
“You need to be able to work with all points of view. Wether you are a Democrat, Republican or non-partisan John has the experience and working style to listen to everyone , weigh all  thoughts and find compromise . He takes the time to understand what are the needs of his community  and find acceptable solutions. If you are looking for a combination of experience and knowledge of the pressing issues of today no one is more qualified.”
Roy Rogers
Washington County Commissioner
Tigard Resident and Tigard Business Owner
Greg Evans
“John Goodhouse is visionary, cutting edge leader.  I  have had the honor of working closely with Council President Goodhouse for nearly 5 years in the League of Oregon Cities and the National League of Cities board of directors.  John provides focused,  inclusive and Equitable leadership at the local, state, and National levels. John will serve the residents of Tigard well as Tigard’s next Mayor.”
Greg Evans
Eugene City Councilor
LiveEdge Eco Salon
“John Goodhouse is a great supporter of not only downtown businesses, but for Tigard businesses and it’s community as a whole. As a new business here in Tigard, John made sure we felt welcomed. Whether it was helping out with our demolition project, our grand opening, or just stopping by to let us know of the happenings, he has made himself present in our new community. He is an energetic man of his word, and his love for Tigard and it’s people are very apparent. We look forward to a future where John Goodhouse is our Mayor!”
Sydnie Bray
Owner LiveEdge Eco Salon-Downtown Tigard Main Street
Renee Brouse
“I have had the pleasure of working with John as a council member from Sherwood.  John is committed to Tigard as a lifelong resident and business owner. 
John is a staunch supporter of making sure the residents of Tigard, no matter their background, are taken care of and supported.  He has helped and continues to help find resources for the houseless community and is helping to find affordable housing options for the community. He continues to serve alongside the nonprofit sector.

He is a supporter of the Police Department and has strived to make sure that the officers have what they need and are able to keep Tigard safe. 
John has shown he can work across lines to find the best outcome for the citizens of Tigard.  It is a pleasure to serve with John and listen to his ideas for Tigard’s future.”
Renee Brouse
Sherwood City Councilor
Kim Tanner Young
“I encourage you to vote for John Goodhouse for Tigard Mayor. As a fellow City Councilor in a neighboring city, I have had the pleasure of working with John. We served together on a Washington County Policy Advisory Board. I’ve watched John advocate for and make thoughtful decisions to grant funds to organizations focused on helping the homeless. He also advocates for affordable housing, safe roads, and better transportation solutions. 
In addition, John has worked hard advocating for Tigard businesses during the pandemic, which is evident with his campaign having support from so many local businesses. 
John supports the Tigard Police Department and advocates for the necessary funding needed. He’s been endorsed by the Tigard Police Officer’s Association. To me this is a very important endorsement.”
Kim Tanner Young
Sherwood City Councilor